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CT (Chris Thomas)C.T. (Chris Thomas)

“Don't wreck my fun” -CT  

How's that for a motto? Now Pooter, leave me alone.  

Why did we start TWAAM? That's a good question, because honestly, why bother? I can't speak for Pooter, no one can speak for Pooter actually. That being said, I'll speak for myself. 

For me TWAAM started because of my passion for all things wheeled. It also started because of my growing concern that the motorcycle scene in the Twin Cities was suffering. There seemed to be a disconnect between the riders and the shops. Dealers really didn't seem to be doing anything for the riding community as a whole. They were selling to those riders, but that was as far as things went. After the sale, the rider was on their own so far as motorcycle "culture" was concerned.  

That is why TWAAM and Bearded Lady started for me. That's also why I frequent shops like Scooterville and BlueCat Motors. Shops that are progressive have passion, character, and are will to take a risk and do something different.  

Doing the podcasts are actually fun. I prefer a less structured approach to them as opposed to Pooters dictator-like approach to production. 

If you need to know my background I left Edina at the age of 18 and joined the French Foreign Legion. I returned with a new name and French passport and now have dual citizenship. 

After college I worked for a snowboard company until I came back home with a broken femur. I then decided to research starting a motorcycle shop. For the research I worked at a shop called Trackstar Motorsports. I stayed until they closed their doors. At that point I decided it was a bad idea to have a shop and sold greasy motorcycle parts for Suzuki two-strokes online. That proved a better idea.  

After a few years I was asked to work at MotoPrimo in the Twin Cities. I sold primarily European motorbikes and scooters. I enjoyed selling the European stuff because the people that are into it have sense of fucking passion. If they don't have it, they either learn quick or go away.  

I'm out of the motorcycle shop now. I'm a co-founder of Beardedlady Motorcycle Freak show. I started the BL because I hated what I saw in the local motorbike community. Our scene was dying and I was tired of it. We're in our fourth year now and each time it gets better.  

I hope you enjoy the podcasts. If not, please let Pooter know.

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