Two Wheels And A Motor - We don't care what your ride as long as you ride.

Minneapolis MopedsMinneapolis Mopeds

Well, Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding suburbs really.

A group of people who are REALLY into mopeds, all kinds of mopeds - seriously hopped up mopeds, vintage mopeds, European mopeds, Asian mopeds, whatever. You can check out their website by clicking HERE or on the image to the left.

On May 12th, 2010, a bunch of the guys from Minneapolis Mopeds joined the Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor crowd at Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis. We recorded two podcast episodes at that time which you can find on our PODCASTS page or by clicking on either of the images below. Be sure and scroll down this page for some YouTube videos and pictures of the great machines these guys are passionate about.

In January of 2011, the Minneapolis Mopeds guys joined us at Donny Dirk's Zombie Den in Northeast Minneapolis to talk about their 2010 Moped Rally.

The Minneapolis Mopeds recoreded at Donny Dirk's

Minneapolis Mopeds at Hell's Kitchen Part One    Minneapolis Mopeds at Hell's Kitchen Part Two


Maize, John T. and others from a gathering at Pizza Luce in Uptown Minneapolis

Captain Kim shows off some some seriously cool blue & white retro fun.

Matt D.'s 1978 PUCH Maxi

Greg's PUCH (he runs the Minneapolis Mopeds website)

Kevin Fitzke's home-made machine

Laura G.'s PUCH Maxi

Wade B.'s PUCH Magnum

Adam's PUCH Maxi

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