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Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson

Hi folks,

Allot of your don't know me, that's ok, your forgiven, it's because I Didn't Hang out with you!

I started Riding in 72, shhhh, Mom doesn't know.... that's good too, cause she would have freaked, my friend had a bike called a Gemini maybe a 125, we used it to terrify a 500 acre wooded area some place near Minneapolis, bump start only, a real pos that had huge tires, and ridiculous speed. It wasn't until 1981 when I really learned to ride from a local racer guy the Flying Dutchman. He taught both my mother and I how to ride in the dirt. The first bike he put me on was run off of some special fuel made up from Blendzol, nitro, and god knows what else. Killed most of the mosquitoes for a mile around smelled sweet and eatable. That little hot rod put me on the rear wheel in 4 gears and had me passing 250 Canams on my maiden flight at a place where they held hill climbing competitions. After that we went almost every weekend. I owe Dutch allot of thanks, he was a great friend. Shortly after this, my mother and I conspired to buy two BSA's, and Hide them in a garage somewhere in Minneapolis to restore, and ride, unknown to my father. That didn't happen, instead I got a Honda xl 350 74, she a virago, this lasted a year. Then she bought a Triumph Daytona, Me a Norton P11, she a 883HD, and an Ariel square 4, me some Hondas, Suzuki and and and..... some of my early riding included minor competition stuff, but truly nothing remarkable. I have been working on engines since age 13 when I restored, with my grandfather, a 1961 Alpha Romeo Gulietta Especial 1300. Before that I held the flashlight, and that started at age 3, blanket in hand while underneath the cars staring up into open crank cases. My Grandfather taught me how to work on engines, while also teaching me his machinist skills. I had an A1 teacher, that accepted nothing but the best from me, as he was a first sergeant trainer in the motor pool of the 3rd armor light brigade (Hell Cats / Devil Cats), one of the best there was. The Dutchman taught me how to modify engines, where I earned the nick name: Barney Oldfield, after Dutch tried to catch me one day, I didn't know it was him...LMAO!

My first scooter was a 1965 m65 HD, this was an Italian made 68cc step through framed scooter with Vespa style shifting at the handle bar. I restored the bike to clean original running condition in 1982 for Willie Murphy's (Willie and the Bees) girl friend. Later I purchased it from her. For many years, off and on I have worked on exotic cars, with names like Ferrari, Lotus, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Porsche, Austin Healy, Citroen, MG, Morris Minor, Metropolitan, Mercedes, Audi, Roles Royce, Bentley, SAAB, etc. also motor cycles in many, and all capacities, as rare as The Crocker or a Marsh Metz, along the way specializing in Lucas and Bosch electrical systems. I have an extensive background in Electronics, and early robotics, and computer science. At some point, had even earned a faculty recommended scholarship to the college of creative study and design of robotics Boston, I think, for my designs in prosthetic replacements, I didn't go, and I'm not sure if that name is accurate.Suffice to say, I am no body's fool, more like, just a misplaced undocumented engineer of sorts, at least my friends think so. I am no braggart, or liar, I love machinery, an so far in this life, these have been some of my experiences, and I consider my self lucky, to have had the opportunity to have worked on machines most people have never seen, or heard of. If you have a hard time believing all this, That's not my problem, It's yours, and you need to think about that, I am what I am, and I have no need to boast, I can back up everything I claim, and quite a bit more.

Out of all my machines, I think I enjoy my scooters the most. I have met some truly fantastic, fun loving, friends in the scooter community, who's friendship, and camaraderie, I value greatly. I thank Bob Headstrom and Ed Raschke for reintroducing me to scooters, I don't know how I could have forgotten how much fun scooters were in the first place.

I am one of the coordinators for the Rattle My Bones Scooter Rally (heh, bet you didn't know that)

I have been participating in events with the AMCA Viking Chapter since 87, and an active member for some time now.

Member of The Fez Monkeys MC.

And as of today still vice president of The All Mod Cons SC MN.

The 4th Muscooteer of The Muscooteers SC MN.

Member of the Hells Satans SC MN.

Friend of the Mad Totos SC KS.

and various other SC's around the country and world, who's members I have not necessarily met face to face, but are none the less fantastic clubs with great members, who's conversation I have enjoyed immensely.

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